How much is your house worth?

We love to offer clients options.

As you can see we have 3 types of property valuations for you to pick from.

You can get a super fast computer-generated value, book an in-person ‘normal’ valuation with a detailed pricing plan. Or you can upload photos and submit a virtual valuation.

Your choice, but feel free to call us if you want too.

  • Duration
    1 hr
  • Accuracy
  • Duration
    30 minutes
  • Accuracy
    Around 90%
  • Duration
    Matter of minutes
  • Accuracy
    Around 80%

The In-Person Valuation is for you if…

In-Person Valuation

If you’d like to move in the next three months, then book an appointment with our highly experienced property professionals whose knowledge of the local property market is second to none.

With a bespoke property appraisal report, you’ll be in the best place to maximise what you have and minimise any issues that may be impacting on a sale.

Around 1 hr
100% Accurate

The Instant Valuation is for you if…

Instant Valuation

This is a quick and easy way to find out an estimated value of your property if you’re just curious. The figure is generated automatically using Land Registry and local property listings data but doesn’t take your properties uniqueness into account.

To get started, just enter a few details and you’ll get an instant estimated sales value of your home.

You’ll have an answer in a matter of minutes!
A typical valuation comes in around 80% accurate.

The Virtual Valuation is for you if…

Virtual Valuation

If you’re thinking about moving in the next year, this valuation tool allows you to add pictures and describe any property improvements you’ve made that differentiates it from other houses on your street.

With little impact on your time, you can get a more accurate valuation than an online tool alone.

Around 30 mins
A typical valuation comes in around 90% accurate.